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You can count on Smooth River Productions to create audio and video content to support your creative and business needs. We are a full-service company capable of taking you from pre-production through distribution. Whether you want a brief, promotional video, a series of training videos, a recording of your seminar or more, Smooth River Productions is at your service. Get started today building video content for your business. Call 801-710-7417 or send an email to greg@smoothriver.com (This is not a clickable email link, in order to prevent automated email address collection. Please copy and paste.)

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What We Do

Smooth River Productions is built on the successes which Greg W. Anderson and Clinton Baxter have achieved since 2001. We produce full-length documentaries which tell uplifting and inspiring stories. We offer support services to other broadcast programming. We also produce promotional and training materials for other businesses. Our objective is to capture your story and tell it to the world.

Our clients include:

•ABC4 and CW30, Salt Lake City

•BYU Broadcasting

•The Days of Wonder game company

•Colonial Flag and The Healing Field Foundation


•Letter 23

Our Best Broadcast Programming

We are happy to have fully produced the Telly Award-winning documentary Janice Kapp Perry: A Life of Service and Song for BYU Broadcasting. This inspiring story of one of the Christian world's most beloved songwriters was often rebroadcast on BYU Television.

We provided video services for KBYU-TV's one-hour production Great Salt Lake: Utah's Sanctuary, which premiered in December 2015. We provided extensive on-set video for the Emmy Award-Winning Behind the Scenes of Granite Flats for BYUtv.

In 2014 and 2015 we provided production and post-production services for more than 90 episodes of The Younger You with Troy Thompson which aired on ABC4 and CW30 in Salt Lake City. As part of the production we shot many hours of surgical procedures, working closely with a number of doctors, their staff and their patients. The program was Emmy-nominated for both seasons.

In 2011 we shot and edited a full-length historical piece to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Hotel Utah in the Telly Award-winning Utah's White Palace: The Legacy of the Hotel Utah and the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for KBYU-TV. We are also responsible for post-production of the 90-minute documentary David O. McKay: What E'er Thou Art, Act Well Thy Part. President McKay rose from humble beginnings in rural Utah to become one of the most influential religious leaders of the mid-20th Century. He associated with kings, presidents and Hollywood moguls while always projecting the love and kindness expected from a man of his position.

We also provided extensive production, post-production and narration for BYU Broadcasting's Agents of Justice, the true story of three FBI officers who offered the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. This includes the story of Sam Cowley, the man responsible for stopping the reign of terror of some of the nation's most notorious gangsters of the 1930s.

Our Client Showcase

Janice Kapp Perry: A Life of Service and Song

Utah's White Palace: The Legacy of the Hotel Utah and the Joseph Smith Memorial Building

Healing Field Foundation

Colonial Flag


Monument Arts

Huntsville, Utah Marathon

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